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Meet our Alumni

After being a part of CASC, our alumni go off and do spectacular things. Read below about some of their adventures!

Kristin Braun Connelly

President and CEO of the East Bay Leadership Council

Phil Boyte

Founder of Learning for Living

Lea Endres

Board Member of the Dream Corps

Laurel Miller

Director of International Crisis Group’s Asia Program

Tess Byars

Health Policy Advisor for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Cindy Park

Chief Operating Offices of The Prado Group

Marissa Wong

External Evaluator for the Education for Coexistence in Iraq

Maria Pappas

Chief Philanthropic Officer at The Tech Interactive

Adewale Adeyemo

Deputy Treasury Secretary

Nandeeni Patel

Guest Research Scholar at the Bandaranaike Center for International Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Derek Yung

Chief Financial Officer of TransForce

Selena Wilson

Chief Executive Officer of the East Oakland Youth Development Center

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