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Start a Club

Welcome to CASC Clubs! These student-driven groups are part of the California Association of Student Councils, dedicated to nurturing leadership, advocacy, and community involvement. Our clubs offer dynamic platforms for students to collaborate, influence educational and social policies at school and district levels, and engage in meaningful community service. Join us in empowering young leaders to create positive change and develop a strong sense of civic responsibility.


Step 1: Understand the Requirements

Ensure that your club will engage in at least one of the following:

  • Leadership Development

  • Advocacy at the School/District Level

  • Community Service

  • Follow this link for more informations


Step 2: Complete the Registration Form

Fill out the CASC Club Registration Form 


Step 3: Annual Renewal

Remember, registration is an annual process. Stay in touch with your region's outreach director for assistance.


Step 4: Build Your Team

Gather a committed group of students and find a faculty advisor to support your club.

Are You Ready to Start a CASC Club?

When you initiate a new CASC club, you'll be connected with your region's CASC Director of Expansion, who will assist you in creating a club constitution and organizing officer elections. They will also introduce you to other local leaders who can help you manage your meetings and events, as well as participate in CASC activities and programs.

A Chapter President
A Teacher Advisor
Approval By Your School’s Administration
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