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Summer Leadership Conference

CASC's Summer Conference is a leadership camp unlike any other – it's a conference by students, for students, where campers are empowered to change their community and stand out as leaders, forming lifelong friendships along the way. Our camp provides students and educators with leadership skills, team building techniques, and inspiration to transform their school and community, empowering them to make a difference.

Jul 29 - Aug 1, 2024

Staff Development Program (SDP)

SDP trains participants to become CASC Counselors, enhancing their leadership, facilitative, and presentation skills, and fostering connections with world leaders.

Jun - Aug, 2024

Region Conferences

All region conferences have not been confirmed yet. Please be patient until the next region conferences are confirmed!


Elementary & Middle School Leadership Conferences

One day workshops for students and advisors focus on teamwork, building leadership skills, and new ideas for a more effective student council.

Fall 2024

Student Board Member Symposium

Student Board Member Symposium brings together students serving on school boards across the state of California. This one day intensive program focuses mainly on equipping students with the necessary skills to effectively serve their communities.

September 13, Alameda County
September 18, Orange County

Student Advisory Board on Education (SABE)

SABE is an annual conference where California students collaboratively create and present educational reform proposals to the California State Board of Education.

Nov 11-13, 2024

Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE)

At SABLE, students in small groups discuss and develop solutions to state education issues over three days, culminating in proposals presented to the California Senate Education Committee, leading to significant changes in statewide policies.

Jan 2025

Youth Action Summit of California (YASC)

The Youth Action Summit of California, YASC, is the most effective way to impact the world positively. Throughout different workshops, students define the core issue in their community, and work on their way to solve them. Delegates will learn and gain opportunities to network other students in California.

Feb 15-16, 2025

Special Projects

Special Projects are customized workshops and training programs aimed at enhancing leadership and educational skills for a variety of organizations.


WASC Accreditation Team

WASC, a California-based evaluative organization, offers accreditation to schools, provides feedback for improvement, and encourages student participation to enhance California education and community leadership.


CASC programs are designed to create unforgettable experiences and lifelong friendships. CASC is the starting point for lifelong engagement with the key issues that impact our lives at the local and statewide level. 

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