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Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE)

At SABLE, students in small groups discuss and develop solutions to state education issues over three days, culminating in proposals presented to the California Senate Education Committee, leading to significant changes in statewide policies.

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Middle and High Schoolers

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Sacramento Riverfront Promenade 100 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814

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Jan 2025

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Delegates from the Student Advisory Board on Education in along with a number of new delegates meet in Sacramento in January as the Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE). They refine the ideas and proposals from SABE to present to the Assembly Committees on Education.

Video Presentation of SABLE Participants

Each year, SABLE members presented their education reform proposals to the Assembly Committee on Education in the senate chambers at the Capitol. This presentation has been made available online. CASC is grateful to the California Channel: Your Streaming Source For Politics and Public Affairs That Shape California for making this presentation available for viewing.  

2024 Video Presentation, 2022 Video Presentation, 2020 Video Presentation, 2019 Video Presentation,  2018 Video Presentation, 2016 Video Presentation

How SABLE Works At SABLE, students are divided into small groups, where they identify and discuss specific problems in the state’s education system. For three days students work long hours, expanding on these issues and brainstorming solutions. On the last day, each group incorporates the solutions they have developed into a proposal and presents it to the California Senate Education Committee. In the past, results from SABLE have included altering statewide graduation requirements for high school students, and changes in curriculum. This is the only conference in the nation that allows students to directly voice their concerns to the Senate and Assembly Committees on Education, and the results have made a big impact in our schools. Participants At SABLE, students have the unique opportunity to follow up on proposals that were created during the Student Advisory Board on Education (SABE) conference in October. Though non-SABE delegates are also invited to attend SABLE, SABE delegates are highly encouraged to come to SABLE and present their refined proposals to the Assembly Committees on Education.

“CASC is not unique in that it teaches you leadership – you can learn effective leadership virtually anywhere. But CASC is unique in that it thrusts responsibility and public speaking onto your hands, forcing you to become both a better person and a better leader. Whether you’re a novice club member or a veteran on ASB, you will most definitely treasure your experience in CASC.”

Steven Hong

Stanford University Class of 2016

“To me, CASC is more than an ordinary organization. CASC is my source of inspiration and motivation– this organization empowers me to strive towards becoming a better version of myself. CASC reminds me that we as students have the ability to make impactful change in the world around us.”

Deborah Lee

University of Southern California Class of 2020

Past Proposals

Access all the past SABLE proposals that have been presented to the California State Board of Education by delegates below.

All students should be able to participate, regardless of their financial situations. Schools are responsible for the registration costs, although some students do cover their own fees. We understand that time is limited, and we will work with you to ensure proper processing of payments.

Many community groups will also be interested in sponsoring your work at the state level. Please refer to this fundraising guide used by delegates to obtain funding or check out a draft sponsorship letter. Feel free to get in touch with if you would like help or guidance.​

Funding and Sponsorships

For questions or more information, please contact the Education Policy Director, Sue Oh, at or the CASC office at (510) 834-2272 or,

CASC Contact Information

CASC has scholarships for students with free and reduced lunch. Click here to access the Scholarship Application.

CASC Scholarship

  • For over 70 years, the California Association of Student Councils has been the state’s student-run organization focusing on youth leadership. CASC serves student councils and their advisors, as well as all other young leaders and students who want to make a difference in their community. Through peer-to-peer leadership training and conferences, CASC provides students and advisors the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with other students and advisors, and become empowered. CASC also lobbies for students and better schools at the state and local levels.​

  • There are none! We are proud to have an extremely diverse group of students and advisors participate in our programs. Some come to our programs with years of leadership experience and extracurricular activities while others come to our programs with none. Everyone learns and grows from our programs in different ways. Anybody who wishes to develop their leadership skills is welcome to join our program.

  • You can get involved in a number of ways:

    1. Attend a statewide CASC program – summer camp, SABE, SABLE, or YASC

    2. Attend a region conference with your ASB or other student leaders

    3. Contact your local region president and get involved with your region

    4. Become a part of the governing body of CASC by applying for state council

  • You can check out our programs directory by clicking on the "PROGRAMS" tab!

  • CASC is unique from other organizations in a variety of ways:

    1. Peer-to-Peer Training: Rather than adults teaching curriculum and teambuilding to students, at CASC events highly-trained students lead most of the activities.

    2. CASC conferences focus on teaching students HOW to do things rather than WHAT to do. We provide skills and knowledge that will go farther than a dance theme or fundraising idea. The skills and curriculum CASC encourages students to think critically and teaches students how to apply curriculum to any and every part of their lives.

    3. CASC recognizes and supports the power of youth: This is an organization run FOR students BY students to ensure that all the needs of students are heard and met. We have high school and college students voting and making decisions alongside adults on the Board of Directors.

  • Check out our guide to attend a program for free! It should answer all of your questions as well as provide instructions on how to acquire scholarships from either CASC or local organizations! If you have further questions, contact the CASC Office or the State Development Director.

  • Whether you are a current student, alumni, parent, or any other stakeholder of the organization, you can help send students to CASC conferences to gain a life-changing experience. Any amount, small or big, will help students obtain a scholarship to attend programs. Donate today!

  • Regions are divided into twelve different areas of California, covering all 58 counties. It is based on your school location and you can find out your region by clicking on the 'Regions' tab.

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