Student Advisory Board on Education (SABE)


October 30 - November 1, 2021
Board of Education Meeting:  November 3
Virtual Platform


For more than 40 years, student representatives from across California have met annually to find ways to improve our schools. Through the Student Advisory Board on Education (SABE) held each November, students create and present their recommendations to the California State Board of Education. This is the only conference nationwide that gives students a direct voice to the State Board of Education, and the results have made a big impact in our schools. Don’t miss your chance to play an active role in your education!


NOTE: A confirmation letter will be sent upon acceptance into the program. If you are not accepted into the program, your deposit will be returned.

How SABE Works

At SABE, students are divided into small groups where they identify and discuss specific problems in the state’s education system. For four days students work long hours, evaluating the issues and creating solutions. On the last day, each group, presents its developed proposal to the California State Board of Education.

Application Process

SABE delegates have the honor and responsibility of representing the 6.3 million public school students in California in the only formal student presentation to a State Board of Education in the nation. Conference space is limited, and interested students are required to go through an application process. Delegates are selected for their passion for education reform and their involvement in their schools, communities, and beyond. All high school and middle school students who care about education are encouraged to apply.



After SABE, students have the unique opportunity to follow up on proposals that were created during the conference at the Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE). Though non-SABE delegates are also invited to attend SABLE, SABE delegates are highly encouraged to come to SABLE and present their refined proposals to the Senate and Assembly Committees on Education.

Funding and Scholarships

All students should be able to participate, regardless of their financial situations. Schools are responsible for the registration costs, although some students do cover their own fees. We understand that time is limited, and we will work with you to ensure proper processing of payments.

Many community groups will also be interested in sponsoring your work at the state level. Please refer to this fundraising guide used by delegates to obtain funding or check out a draft sponsorship letter. Feel free to get in touch with or if you would like help or guidance.

CASC has scholarships for students with free and reduced lunch. Click here to access the Scholarship Application.


CASC Contact Information

For questions or more information, please contact the Education Policy Director, Stephanie Hu, at or the CASC office at (510) 834-2272 or,


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