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Early in 1986, American high school students in Northern California and their Soviet counterparts in central Moscow exchanged video messages about their deep concern for the future of our planet and their desire to get to know each other and become friends.


  • In 1987, CASC student leaders worked with Russian and Finnish counterparts to develop the Agenda for the 21st Century. The document was presented directly to Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan and led to the first exchange program between the US and the Soviet Union.

  • In 1992, CASC training and support led to the founding of the Association of Young Leaders (AYL), the third non-profit organization formed in the Newly Independent Russian States.

  • CASC youth staffed three Global Youth Conferences at the 1992  Earth Summit and the 1995 and 1996 State of the World Forums.

  • In 2004 CASC and AYL trained Japanese youth to serve as facilitators for an environmental forum in Aomori, Japan.

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