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Youth Action Summit of California (YASC)



In Person:
Location: Westin Hotel,
5400 West Century Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90045

February 24 - 25, 2024

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What is YASC?

The Youth Action Summit of California, YASC, is the most effective way to impact the world positively. There are many opportunities to learn how to do things right, but there aren’t many opportunities to learn how to do the right thing. At YASC, you get to experience both. You work with a diverse collection of passionate youth worldwide through discussions, workshops, and experiential activities that hone your skills and give you a more worldly perspective. Engaging and relevant speakers from various fields educate you about pressing social issues, and with support from all the other students, you create an implementable solution.

YASC delegates are among the best and brightest, so they also elect the next State President and Vice President to represent the 6.3 million students in California. Students have a voice at YASC to elect their peer leaders and to be champions for social justice. You will leave a legacy as a champion for social justice, and along the way, you’ll make lifelong friends develop skills, and have the most empowering weekend of your life.


YASC is your time to be immersed in different cultures and experience the world on its truly global level, but the best part is that your experience doesn’t end when YASC does. YASC is equipping you with lifelong skills, friends, connections, and seeds of inspiration that will never dissipate or fade. YASC is your opportunity to start changing the future.


YASC gives students an opportunity to represent their school and community on an international level. This is their time to bolster and develop leadership skills, explore social issues and create solutions, partake in thought-provoking discussions, and leave legacies as champions for social justice. All delegates leave YASC with a comprehensive skill set and a detailed action plan to implement their project for their desired social change.

Who Can Attend YASC?

High School and Middle School Students: Wherever you’re from and whatever you are involved in, whether you’re involved in ASB, in sports, in clubs, or in anything else, you can certainly identify issues in your school, community, and society. Being a delegate at YASC is the perfect opportunity to learn how you have the power to make a difference and start a chain reaction of positivity.

What are the effects of YASC?

All delegates leave YASC with a comprehensive skill set and a detailed action plan to implement projects for their desired social change. In the past, these projects have resulted in the establishment of nonprofits, the creation of state laws, and recognition from the United Nations. This is their time to gain lifelong skills, be inspired, and ultimately, make their mark on the world.


Delegates have the opportunity to represent the 6.3 million public school students in California and the honor of being the voice of over 700 million students worldwide in electing the next State President and State Vice President of the California Association of Student Councils. YASC delegates are the exclusive voters in this election.

Have a look at a sample schedule for YASC!

When and where will YASC take place?

The 2024 Youth Action Summit of California dates

 are February 24 - 25, 2024, at the Westin Hotel in
Los Angeles.

Attending YASC

All interested middle and high school students must go through an application process. Because of YASC’s international importance, students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure a spot at the conference.

Click here to access the Scholarship Application.

Ellen Wang, Troy High School

YASC was a conference of many firsts for me. It was my first CASC conference, the first time I made so many new friends at once, and the first time I interacted with international students, an experience that made me look at the world in a whole new perspective. But most importantly, it was at YASC that I felt, for the first time, that I mattered, and that a high school student like me can actually make an impact on a global level. Bringing together people who cared about the same issues as I did, YASC empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and into making a positive difference in the future. YASC gave me the skills that helped me to not only improve myself, but also to benefit the community around me. Two years after this eye-opening conference, I still use these tools today to solve problems I face in my daily life.

Funding and Scholarships

All students should be able to participate, regardless of their financial situations. Schools are responsible for the registration costs, although some students do cover their own fees. We understand that time is limited, and we will work with you to ensure proper processing of payments.

Many community groups will also be interested in sponsoring your work at the state level. Please refer to this fundraising guide used by delegates from the 2008 SABE program to obtain funding or check out a draft sponsorship letter. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more help and guidance.

Click here to access the Scholarship Application.


CASC Contact Information
For questions or more information, please contact the YASC Director, Kieon Miller, at or the CASC office at (510) 834-2272 or

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