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Natalya Bakhmutova Association of Young Leaders (AYL) Kazakhstan Director

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Lauren Colvin CASC Summer Conference Delegate

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Sandeep Balasubrahanian Illinois CASC Workshop Delegate

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Lefate Makunyane South Africa loveLife Youth Campaign Current Fellow at the Virginia Commonwealth University | Previously Assistant Director of the National Department of Basic Education

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Steven Hong Stanford University Class of 2016

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Sarah Pak University of California, Berkeley Class of 2022

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Martine Kelsch Jefferson High School Advisor

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Mike Walsh CEO of Beacon Results

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Conor Regan Northwestern University Class of 2016

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Olivia Nouriani South Pasadena High School Class of 2017

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Marcus A. Norton President of Liberty Finance Partners

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Deborah Lee Beverly Hills High School Class of 2016


Daryl Thiessen Office Prevention Programs Coordinator of Kern County Superintendent of Schools

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Jennifer A. Phan CASC Alumni

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Patrick Moore Program Manager of Kern YouthBuild


Ashley Kim New Covenant Academy of 2020

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Rachel Sheeter Student


Monica Rasmussen Director of Activities at Saint Elizabeth High School


Timothy Corpuz Delegate


Monica Wan Delegate

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Nathan Lam Delegate

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Cynthia Cuprill, M.A. LA Leadership Academy, Principal

"The program truly gives young people leadership and life skills that help them find themselves in life, foster civic engagement, and become citizens of the world! We have been employing CASC leadership development program over the past 25 years here in Kazakhstan. The program is a core for all of our other programs that we develop for adolescents and adults."

"I came to CASC hoping to learn more about being a leader, but I left with so much more than the skills to run a meeting and handle conflict. Because of this camp, my life has been changed and I learned what it truly means to be a good leader. We must take every opportunity to appreciate the people in our lives because it is the small things that count and even a little gesture can change the world.I am a better person thanks to CASC and I think every high school student should have the opportunity to experience this amazing camp."

"From that very first lesson on attitude, I knew that this was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended. It was a lot of information to digest, but I know I am going to use these methods to organize my life this weekend and guide my focus for at least the next few decades."

"Through the CASC training model, we were able to create a successful loveLife - groundbreaking peer leadership team that led program implementation in 9 provinces, schools, youth centers, youth-friendly clinics, and sports clubs. Through the training model, our team was able to train teachers to manage loveLife games which were national sports events involving schools in all 9 provinces."

"Joining CASC has been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only has it taught me essential leadership skills to succeed in my future career but it has also given me a family of like-minded, passionate students who want to change the world for the better. Due to the programs, the priceless experiences, and my friends at CASC, I have gained the courage to step up for what I believe is right."

"CASC is not unique in that it teaches you leadership – you can learn effective leadership virtually anywhere. But CASC is unique in that it thrusts responsibility and public speaking onto your hands, forcing you to become both a better person and a better leader. Whether you’re a novice club member or a veteran on ASB, you will most definitely treasure your experience."

"My ability to facilitate groups large and small looks magical to some as if I were born with that ability. While I’m sure I already had some talent for those skills, I will admit that I am far more polished and intentional because of my CASC knowledge and experiences. These truly are lifetime skills, not just skills for deciding the theme of the next dance."

"CASC has really been an amazing organization in my life because it has had two crazy important functions:

1. It's taught extremely valuable skills that help me in college and beyond.

2. It’s shown me that I too can lead others, teach complicated curriculum, organize conferences, & so much more. CASC has shown me what it means to be a leader."

"The CASC leadership training has been so inspirational and instrumental in my classroom and school! I created a 9th grade Leadership class and it has really been valuable for our freshmen in so many ways. In addition, I have used it in my student government/ASB classes which have really given it more depth and overall cohesiveness!"

"Being involved in CASC has been a defining aspect of my life – not only has it given me something to be passionate about and work hard for throughout my high school career, but my involvement in CASC has fostered my own personal growth in ways I didn’t know were possible. It has taught me that I am powerful and have the ability to make change, even though I am young. Even more than that, it has taught me to always push myself outside of my comfort zone, and to learn and grow from every experience – that is something I will undoubtedly carry with me well into my adult life."

"Having the ability to fall back on the experiences I had both in teaching the curriculum of CASC as well as learning from so many amazing leaders before myself at a young age has proven to be extremely valuable in life and career; giving me the foundation to lead today. To this day I use some of the skills I developed with CASC when assisting my own children, not to mention my employees, colleagues, and boards as well."

"To me, CASC is more than an ordinary organization. CASC is my source of inspiration and motivation– this organization empowers me to strive towards becoming a better version of myself. CASC reminds me that we as students have the ability to make impactful change in the world around us."

"I think the single most impactful thing we have done over the past 18 years was to add a collaborative partnership with a group called the California Association of Student Councils (C.A.S.C.) as they have created a training process refined over a 60 year period that has been set up for the teens to learn the skills needed to organize and facilitate meetings, and learn the public speaking skills and advocacy skills to make their voices heard."

"I’m training a team of 13 to take over a crucial role in the company as we transition 20% of our employees in Sunnyvale over to Manila Philippines. Had a great first day and broke through a ton of boundaries with CASC activities. 

Super amazing experience so far and it’s only Day 1!"

"The CASC presenters were full of energy and ready to create a new look for the Kern YouthBuild participants. The CASC presenters really stepped up and guided the Kern YB participants directions on how to expand past negative thoughts, behaviors, stigmas not only about themselves but their community in general. CASC presenters allowed for our Kern YouthBuild program to grow and expand the participants even more and I greatly appreciate  it."

"I learned more about teamwork in the three days I attended CASC than I have in my entire life. All these individually simple activities came together to become a touching three-day experience that I will never forget. All these individually simple activities came together to become a touching three-day experience that I will never forget.What started as a straightforward leadership camp eventually proved itself to be an eye-opening milestone in my life."

(Full article here)

"We just finished our student council meeting and it was amazing! I owe it to CASC!"

"Through this organization, I feel I have truly realized my full potential. Before coming to CASC I was my own worst enemy, but after attending their summer camp at UC Berkeley, I realized that I have already inspired multiple people at such an early stage in my life. I now have the inspiration to fully and whole-heartedly follow my dreams."

"I was taught and encouraged to express my opinions on how to better the world and take initiative to become better leaders. This was not all about trying to just become another so-called "leader." I felt respected as an individual and I have gotten so close to strangers that have now probably become even closer than my family to me. The curriculum and personal maturation process I have gone through in three days have profoundly changed me. I vow to lead like there will be no tomorrow and that every single day I can do something to help others. I want to leave behind a legacy... it does not have to be far reaching, but I just hope that I can inspire at least one person."

"As class president, CASC not only showed me effective meeting formats but brought great emotional change within me. CASC showed me how to build, grow, appreciate, love, and lead a team. Last year, my class office (which I was Vice-President in) argued and fought for the entire year. Out differences were resolved; however, I dreamt of a way to build their trust (the officers are returning this year). CASC allowed me to find the capacity of love and appreciation: the building blocks of trust. My experiences last year hardened me. CASC broke that down. Leadership is built on trust, and my school would not be the same without the lessons CASC taught me."

"It's been years since I've been to a CASC event, and I've yet to find a community that's able to come close to what CASC was. Somehow, they created an environment in which vulnerability, empathy, and compassion was the norm. Sure, it was always about leadership development, but what I learned at CASC went far beyond "soft leadership skills" like project planning and public speaking. They taught me that leaders, first and foremost, had a responsibility to understand and listen to those around them. They taught me that leaders aren't just responsible for inspiring others, but also understanding what made others inspiring. It was about creating meaningful relationships with people, whether it be the students in your council group or your peers. 

By fostering this dynamic and making it core part of the organizations culture, CASC gave many, including myself, both emotional support and a sense of belonging that was difficult to find elsewhere. Most of my closest friendships and warmest memories were made in CASC, and I will forever value what the organization has done for me."

Never, in 24 years as an educator, have I heard my students express such joy from an experience.  They used words like, "My soul is changed forever", "I've never felt so supported", "I didn't know people different from me could be so nice", "I don't want to leave".  We sat in the van for an hour before I started driving because I couldn't drive with all of them speaking to me at once!


My kids don't get opportunities like this.  I'm so grateful.  They are so grateful.  Thank you for taking care of my babies, bringing awareness of how wonderful life can be, and teaching them how to create positive experiences for others.  You have truly changed lives with your program.

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