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Summer Leadership


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Summer Camp

Funding and Scholarships

All students should be able to participate, regardless of their financial situations. Schools are responsible for the registration costs, although some students do cover their own fees. We understand that time is limited, and we will work with you to ensure proper processing of payments. Many community groups will also be interested in sponsoring your work at the state level. Please refer to this fundraising guide used by delegates from the 2008 SABE program to obtain funding or check out a draft sponsorship letter. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more help and guidance.

Click here to access the scholarship application.

Event Outline

The general outline for the digital summer conference schedule for all tracks is here!


Parent Mini Summer Bootcamp



“CASC Camp” is a fun, life-changing experience for ALL students who want to lead in their schools, communities, and beyond. Advisors, activities directors, and staff are also welcome to participate in the special track tailored for educators. Take home the leadership skills necessary to transform your student council and solve the problems you see in your school! Bring back ideas from other schools throughout the state to implement on your own campus, and meet people with the same passion for leadership, developing friendships that will last a lifetime. Here’s your chance to be inspired! CASC offers you the opportunity to acquire a variety of leadership skills and team building techniques, such as presentation skills, meeting skills, and project planning. Most importantly, we will inspire you to bring positive change to your school and community in a way that only a CASC Summer Camp can do. On top of that, every day at camp is the chance to make a new friend, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun! Through a combination of general sessions, small groups led by a CASC trained staff member, exciting workshops, structured activities, and inspirational guest speakers, you will walk away with the knowledge of leadership skills and curriculum, the passion to put those skills to use to transform your own high school campus, and an experience you will never forget. After four days, you will return to school a different person than you were when you arrived. Go home a leader, inspired to use what you learned to make a difference!

For Students


Hello! If you are a student, attending CASC summer conference, or not, check out our video and see what we are about!

For Parents


Hello! If you are a parent and your child is attending, or interested in attending, we invite you to check out our video to see what the conference means to others.

For Educators


Hello! If you are an educator and your schol is attending, or interested in attending, we invite you to check out our video to see what the conference can teach.


“I have attended at least 10 of these camp conferences as a HS Activities Director, and the skill base for students leaders upon return to the school was nothing less than amazing. CASC set the tone for the whole school year.”

– Dr. Nina Russo Associate Superintendent San Francisco Archdiocese


“It was during a recent Youth Build workshop in Bakersfield that it occurred to me (once again) the importance of the skills that I’ve developed as a result of my affiliation with CASC as a participant, counselor, and the influence of Phil Boyte, Scott Winter, Lauren Ball and many other CASC alumni. My ability to facilitate groups large and small looks magical to some as if I were born with that ability. While I’m sure I already had some talent for those skills, I will admit that I am far more polished and intentional because of my CASC knowledge and experiences. That is what I hope to help more teachers understand. I want them to appreciate the importance of understanding that these truly are lifetime skills, not just skills for deciding the theme of the next dance.”

– Mike Walsh, CEO Beacon Results

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