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Eric leads successful consumer product portfolios. At Tyson, Hillshire, Henkel & Clorox, Eric has owned P&Ls of up to $3 billion and led teams including R&D, Food Service, Analytics, Insights, Project Management, Marketing and Innovation, with indirect leadership of Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Planning and Accounting.   He has led diverse Food and Household product portfolios including breakfast sandwiches, poultry, breakfast meats, corn dogs, waffles, frozen desserts, water filters, trash bags, detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, hard surface cleaners and insecticides.

Eric’s multi-chapter career began in CASC programs at age 15.  He was a CASC summer programs delegate before any involvement in student leadership, and went on to serve as a student member of hi school board, as student body president, and as a staff member for CASC programs.  His involvement with the CASC organization intensified, and – like for many CASC alumni – became a personal and professional formative experience that continues to pay dividends in workplace setting decades later, including instilling an unbreakable habit to work with others to drive change. 

Eric Schwartz (He/Him)

Board Member

Director of Marketing for Clorox

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