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All CASC State Council and Region Cabinet members can be reached at firstname.lastname@casc.net

If you have questions or would like to learn more, email State President Nandeeni Patel at nandeeni.patel@casc.net.



Executive Branch

Nandeeni Patel
State President
Vista Murrieta High School 2017

Olivia Nouriani
State Vice President
South Pasadena High School 2017

Bridget Lee
West Ranch High School 2017

Anthony Chen
Student Board Member Symposium Director
South Pasadena High School 2017

Perah Ralin
Communications Director
South Pasadena High School 2017

Julia Greensfelder
Governmental Affairs Policy Director
Albany High School 2017

Sam Goidell
Education Policy Director
Davis Senior High School 2017

Kelly Tam
YASC Director
San Gabriel High School 2017

Noella Park
Elementary School Director
Troy High School 2017

Shilpa Gummadi
Special Projects Program Director
University High School 2017

Paulina Anzaldo
Outreach Director
Ruben S. Ayala High School 2017

Maya Roshandel
Development Director
South Pasadena High School 2017

Chris (Dongwook) Yeon
Director of Technology
Troy High School 2017

State Branch

Sindhuja Vaidhyanathan
Region 2 President
Mira Loma High School 2017

Cole McCann-Phillips
Region 4 President
Berkeley High School 2018

Anais Tsai
Region 5 President
Saint Mary’s High School 2017

Mylah Smiley
Region 6 President
San Benito High School 2018

Jadrian Teunissen
Region 8 President
Harmony Magnet Academy 2017

Jennifer Yi
Region 10 President
Troy High School 2017

Delaina Castillo
Region 11 President
Vista Murrieta High School 2017

Shyama Yallapragada
Region 12 President
Torrey Pines High School 2017