In 1987 CASC student leaders worked with Russian and Finnish counterparts to develop the Agenda for the 21st Century. The document was presented directly to Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan and led to the first exchange program between the US and the Soviet Union.

In 1992 CASC training and support led to the founding of the Association of Young Leaders (AYL), the third non-profit organization formed in the Newly Independent Russian States.

CASC youth staffed three Global Youth Conferences at the 1992  Earth Summit and the 1995 and 1996 State of the World Forums.

In 2004 CASC and AYL trained Japanese youth to serve as facilitators for an environmental forum in Aomori, Japan.


CASC youth leaders staffed the 1992 Earth Train project which conducted environmental forums in Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago and met with UN and Congressional leaders.

In 1995, the Corporation for National Service selected CASC as one of three organization to collaborate in designing and conducting training for national service executives.

CASC leaders served as facilitators and recorders for small group sessions at the 2002 Family Re-Union Conference sponsored by Al and Tipper Gore at Vanderbilt University.

Executive Director, June Thompson, is serving as the Architect for Leadership Development for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. CASC trainers are currently working with staff, board, and members to augment their leadership skills.


In 1996 CASC facilitated the establishment of Westside Leadership Magnet School in Los Angeles Unified School District. Currently, student leaders conduct classroom lessons in leadership three times a week for primary and elementary schools.

CASC trains peer mentors for the summer enrichment program for “at-risk” entering ninth graders in the Compass Program at Menlo-Atherton High School. The program serves as a catalyst for the development of class, club, and ASB leaders.

CASC designed a special workshop for Gifted and Talented Students in the Mountain-View Wishman Elementary District and the Mt. Diablo School District.

Over a four-year period, CASC conducted training for classes, the staff, the entire student body at Menlo-Atherton high School. The result was a more unified and respectful student population.


CASC provided small group facilitators for the Educational Planning Forum for the Sequoia Union High School District. Meeting skills training was also provided for parent groups.

CASC designed leadership lessons and trained staff for Sacramento START, which conducts after-school programs in 40 low-income elementary schools.


Selected as a model self-esteem program by the California Task force on Self-Esteem

Selected as a model youth program by the International Youth Foundation


1946 The California Department of Education and the California Association of School Administrators meet to discuss formation of a statewide student council association.

1947 The first meeting of students is held to form The California Association of Student Councils.

1963 The Student Advisory Board on Education is established to allow students to propose changes in educational policy to the State Board of Education.

1971 The position of student member on the State Board of Education is established.

1975 The student member position is awarded voting privileges at the State Board of Education meeting.

1981 The Winter Election Leadership Conference is established to elect the State President and Vice-President.

1984 The elementary conference program is established.

1988 Agenda 21 is presented to Secretary-General Gorbachev and President Reagan.

1992 CASC staffs and participates in Global Youth Summit at Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

1992 CASC staffs and participates in Earth Train.

1992 The Association of Young Leaders is the third non-profit organization formed in Russia.

1995 Westside Leadership Magnet is established in LA Unified School District.

1995-1997 CASC staffs and participates in the Global Youth Forum at The State of the World Forums.

1996 CASC co-designs and staffs the National Service Executive Institute for the Corporation for National Service.

1999 The Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education is established to propose legislation to the Senate and Assembly Education Committees.

2001 CASC trainers conduct programs in South Africa for adults working to reduce the spread of AIDS.

2003 AYL and CASC conduct training for youth facilitators in Amori, Japan.

2005 CASC beings multi-year training for The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

2010 SB 1422 (Student teacher evaluations) gets signed by the Governor to become law.

2012 CASC conducts training for 40 Pakistani and English college students at the University of Gujrat in Pakistan


  • CASC hosts a Staff Development Program for Pakistani and English college students at the University of Gujrat
  • CASC provides leadership training for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  • CASC hosts the first Chinese delegation in California

2014 CASC staffs the first student leadership training conference in Beijing, China