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True believer in the power of people and ideas to change the world. Currently serving as CFO of XPrize winner Planetary Technologies, developing a low-cost solution for carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere using ocean chemistry for permanent, safe, and durable storage. Favorite ocean phenomenon include cuttlefish, siphonophores, and the languages of fishes. Co-founder of Catch Together, an impact investment platform financing fishing quotas and permits in North America in exchange for conservation. Lead the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative ( to develop six sustainable fisheries investment opportunities in Chile, Brazil, and the Philippines. Advised foundations and NGOs on sustainable fisheries investment opportunities in twelve countries.  Served as member of the Global Think Tank for the World Bank’s Ocean Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation, and as judge for the Economist World Ocean Summit Ocean Innovation Challenges. Prior roles at Encourage Capital (Partner), AllianceBernstein’s US Real Estate Fund (MD and COO), iStar Financial/Timberstar (acquiring and managing forestland), NYC EDC, and Goldman Sachs. Received a BA in History with Honors from the University of California in Los Angeles, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kelly Wachowitz (She/Her)

Board of Directors Co-Chair

Chief Financial Officer for Planetary Hydrogen

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