About CASC

Student Led • 501(c) 3 Non-Profit • Est. 1947 by the California Department of Education


The purpose of the California Association of Student Councils is to improve the quality of life in the world by developing skilled, ethical and sensitive leaders of diverse backgrounds and cultures.


The mission of the California Association of Student Councils is to provide leadership development for elementary, middle and high school students and their advisors in California and across the world through peer training. Our programs emphasize authenticity, ethics and collaborative decision-making and enhance learning outside of the classroom by fostering self-esteem and civic engagement. CASC advocates for youth, provides an avenue for the expression on student views and empowers young people.


The power of youth to change the world • Acceptance of all people • Respect • Empowerment and encouragement of youth • Integrity • The belief that people can continuously develop and change • The power of the individual • The ripple effect






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