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WASC Accreditation Application

What is WASC?

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) oversees the entire state of California as an evaluative organization that offers accreditation to schools for strong performance and provides feedback on how to improve. Accreditation teams are formed and undergo a training camp before visiting campuses and evaluating the performance of the faculty and staff. These committees then make a recommendation as to the amount of time a school should be accredited for, ranging anywhere from one year to six years.

Schools have the option of requesting a student evaluator as part of the team and students will play an equal role in helping to determine the amount of accreditation time a school should receive. Applications will be available in the spring.

Why should I participate in WASC?

This is a unique opportunity for students to determine the factors that make up a school experience and how to best improve the education system. We encourage students who are interested in improving California education and their community’s education to apply. Students will be exposed to other high school programs and also work with a team to develop a best course of action. They will grow in leadership capabilities and will also be able to take what they have learned back to their schools.

This program also acts as another outlet from CASC. We highly encourage students interested in WASC to also look into the other CASC programs that follow a similar vein, mainly the SABE and SABLE programs linked to this page. In hopes of creating a stronger voice for students across the state and building upon California’s education system, we look forward to seeing great numbers of students apply for this unique opportunity.

For more information about WASC and its purpose, please look here.

WASC Accreditation Application

Registration for 2022-2023 is not yet available.

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