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State Branch
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Executive Branch


Michelle Kim

State President

Portola High School 2022

Mina Lee

State Vice President

John Marshall High School 2022

Jamie Kim-Worthington


Harvard-Westlake School 2022

Catherine Xu

Governmental Affairs Policy Director

Westlake High School 2022

Desiree Adamos

Governmental Affairs on a Local Level

Olympian High School 2022

Stephanie Hu

Education Policy Director

Tesoro High School 2022

Emma Lee

YASC Director

Fullerton Union High School 2022

Yashelyn Hernandez

Outreach Director

Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School 2022

Harper Johnston

Special Projects Director

C.K. McClatchy High School 2022

Ben Wang

Communications Director

Santiago High School 2022

Kaylin Chung

Elementary/Middle School Director

Arnold O Beckman High School 2022

Eliana Morris

Development Director

Newbury Park High School 2022

Chris Pak

Technology Director

Granada High School 2022

State Branch

Ava Gebhart

Region 1 President

Foothill High School 2023

Ethan Tam

Region 2 President

West Campus High School 2023

Bonika Gudeta

Region 3 President

Vanden High School 2023

Simi Shetty

Region 4 President

California High School 2023

Miriam Waldvogel

Region 5 President

Lincoln High School 2022

Heidi Andrade

Region 6 President

San Benito High School 2023

David Cho

Region 7 President

Newbury Park High School 2022

Open Position

Region 8 President


Karina Pan

Region 9 President

Temple City High School 2022

Ellie Lian

Region 10 President

Portola High School 2023

Esther Kim

Region 11 President

Chino Hills High School 2023

Dagny Whall

Region 12 President

La Jolla High School 2022