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Region 1 President

  • CASC

There is currently no President for this region. If you live in this area and are interested in the position, please contact for more information.

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Olivia Ang-Olson

Region 2 President

C. K. McClatchy High School 2020

  • CASC

Hello! I am the Region 2 President. I joined CASC to advance my vision for youth leadership and involvement, starting in Region 2. CASC provides a platform to meet and work with passionate, engaged youth across California in an effort to improve our public education for all of CA's students. As president, I hope to reach out to students across our region to introduce them to CASC and our mission of developing and harnessing our voices to create productive change.

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Kit Heller

Region 3 President

Credo High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi! I’m am honored to be serving as the Region 3 President.  I can’t wait to work with State Council and the Region 3 Cabinet to involve and train students from across California.  Giving students an opportunity to improve their education is very important to me and I’m so excited to be able to do just that. I joined CASC because I believe that students’ input is vital to change our school for the better. Furthermore, it is very important to me to both learn and teach leadership skills. This is going to be a great year!


Chris Pak

Region 4 President

Granada High School 2022

  • CASC

Hello! I’m the Region 4 president which covers most of the bay area. I’m here to guide leaders to become even stronger! I started CASC in 8th grade and have had some of the best experiences of my life ever since. If you live in region 4 and have any questions, feel free to email me!


Elijah Tsai

Region 5 President

Lincoln High School 2021

  • CASC

Hello everyone! I am serving as the Region 5 President. CASC has enabled me not only to become a more competent and proficient leader, but meet amazing individuals with the goal of creating real tangible change in our communities and statewide. As Region 5 president I hope to spread CASC’s empowering message throughout the region by providing the skills and support necessary for students to achieve their own goals. Aside from CASC I enjoy bike rides, Cross country (looooong distance), and playing percussion in my school Band. I look forward to meeting all of you at future conferences.


Ella Pascua

Region 6 President

San Benito High School 2020

  • CASC

Hello, beautiful people. I am serving as the Region 6 President. Excited to learn leadership skills, I attended my first CASC Summer camp during my 8th grade year. Walking away from the camp, a flame had been sparked within me. Ever since my first CASC Camp experience, the flame has been getting bigger and stronger and has encouraged me to share that flame in other’s students’ lives. I’m excited to help empower those around me to become student leaders that will help change the world. Hope to see y’all around!

Region 7 President

  • CASC

There is currently no President for this region. If you live in this area and are interested in the position, please contact for more information.

Region 8 President

  • CASC

There is currently no President for this region. If you live in this area and are interested in the position, please contact for more information.

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Angel Jimenez

Region 9 President

Mountain View High School 2020

  • CASC

¡Hola Amigos! I am your Region 9 President! When I attended my first CASC conference, I learned the true meaning of student voice. Coming from a socioeconomically disadvantaged community that is highly underrepresented, I was naturally excited to challenge myself to think of innovative ways to break these cultural barriers. I am thankful to CASC for providing me with a platform to enact this change I so desire. I hope that CASC will have the same impact on you as it did to me. Let’s change the world for the better!


Kyle Chung

Region 10 President

Beckman High School 2020

  • CASC

Hey guys! I am your Region 10 President and I am here to help and improve student life through spreading CASC throughout the Orange County area! I hope to be able to meet and talk to all of you and would love to see anyone get involved with this amazing organization as it has truly changed my life! I have been involved with CASC for a few years and I can assure there is no organization that gives off the same student-activist experience with such amazing people. If you guys have any questions feel free to email me! R10 AMEN!!


Amy (Yejin) Jung

Region 11 President

Santiago High School 2020

  • CASC

Hey guys! I'm happy to serve the San Bernardino and Riverside counties. I'm grateful for CASC as they gave me a platform to develop myself into an efficient leader and helped me make life-long friends. I would love to see more people be involved in CASC as it truly changed my life for the better. CASC is filled with bright and exceptional human beings that are determined to make a change in their communities. I'm excited to work with all of you and see that change happen. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I hope to meet all of you soon!


Ethan Collier

Region 12 President

Hilltop High School 2021

  • CASC

¡Hola Todos! My name is Ethan Collier and; I’m your new Region 12 President! I’m a native to San Diego and have grown up there my entire life. As the son of a teacher, education is in my blood. I basically grew up in a classroom my entire life. Before serving as your current R12 President, I was involved in CASC my freshmen year as an Outreach director for the Region Cabinet. I'm so grateful for this new opportunity to help develop the leaders of tomorrow. ¡Échale pa’lante el futuro!

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