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Special Projects

Custom Programs or “Special Projects” are workshops and trainings designed by CASC for one specific organization or school. When a group comes to CASC with ideas for trainings they need or simply a description of their situation, CASC will custom design a program for them. We do not work solely with students and schools; we’ve designed leadership programs for professional organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.







Each organization is asked to identify the Desired Outcomes for the workshop in terms of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes. A draft schedule will be submitted for approval. Components can include: conflict management, project planning, presentation skills, teamwork, meeting skills and cultural competence.


High School

One type of Special Project is a Student Council (ASB) Retreat, which entails CASC coming for one or two days, usually during the summer or on a weekend, to teach a high school’s student council members leadership skills, such as the students at Harkahm GAON Yeshiva School in the summer of 2015.


Middle School

Special Projects can also be carried out on a school-wide basis. CASC will come and teach an entire school or grade leadership skills that the principal or the advisor requests, such as the 8th grade students at Hillview Middle School.


Other Organizations

Special Projects occur not only with schools, but with youth organizations, such as the National Jefferson Awards Program, and adult organizations, such as the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. Special Projects have even gone national and worked with the National Leadership Institute with Lake County students near Chicago, Illinois.

Special Projects offer a wide variety of curriculum that is specially designed for each Special Project in order to ensure that all desired outcomes are met. CASC Special Projects give students and adults alike the opportunity to grow into stronger and more effective leaders.



For more information, contact the Special Projects Director, Ann Albumalalah, at or the CASC Office at (510) 834-2272 or

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