Serving Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties

Welcome to Region 3!  We are a passionate, hardworking region characterized by a dedication to student voice and leadership.  My goal is to create a well established cabinet that represents as many students as possible. This is important to me because I believe that every student should have the opportunity to improve their education, and I wish to provide that opportunity to as many students as possible.  That is why I am looking for cabinet members who are hardworking and passionate about effecting change. If you fit this description, please join us in improving our schools. I hope to hear from you soon. Furthermore, I invite you to our yearly region conference. Our conference is a great way to learn leadership skills and become further involved in your community.  The registration form is enclosed below. I hope to see you there! 



                           Kate Heller
                                                 Credo High School 2020






Attending your regional CASC leadership conference will equip you with the skills necessary to change your school’s environment for the better. CASC is an organization that advocates a peer-supported environment that allows students to speak out about their passions, whether it be in ASB or in another club or sport. Students enhance their leadership abilities such as public speaking, project planning, and organization in order to create positive change in their schools and the world.





Funding and Scholarships

A few limited need-based scholarships are available for students (on a first come basis) if they are not able to secure funding from their families, schools, and communities. Click here to access the scholarship application

Region 3 Conference

October 10th


Region 3 Cabinet

California Association of Student Councils
51 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 102

Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: (510) 834-2272
Fax: (510) 834-2275

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