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The State President's Message

Dear friends of the California Association of Student Councils,

It is my greatest honor to serve as the 2023-2024 State President of the California Association of Student Councils (CASC). I am enthusiastic to continue the work of my incredibly passionate and industrious predecessors and dedicate my utmost time and energy to our 76-year old organization. 

Serving CASC on all levels of leadership including directing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee or serving as the Statewide Development Director have taught me invaluable life lessons, such as how to facilitate conversations surrounding sensitive topics while fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment for my peers.

Above all, however, the delegate experience is what made me fall in love with CASC—learning leadership curriculum that I have applied to my local community and personal life, meeting life-long friends, discovering a newfound sense of confidence, developing my public speaking skills, and so much more. Therefore, on behalf of the 2023-2024 State Council, I implore you to explore the many opportunities offered by CASC, including joining your region cabinet in which you can further your interest in government affairs and policy, or taking advantage of the opportunities that result from attending one of our many programs where you can network with hundreds of students from across the state of California or present bill proposals about topics you are passionate about to the California State Board of Education. 

The California Association of Student Councils is dedicated to amplifying student voices and developing our future leaders, so I thank you endlessly for your support in driving forth these core values of our organization. I hope that CASC has a life-changing impact on you like it has for so many others including myself. Lastly, I believe that, together, we can advance the true essence of the California Association of Student Councils: youth have the power to change the world. Thank you, again, and I hope to see you around! 

Kristie To (she/her)
2023-2024 State President 


 - Kristie To, CASC State President 2023-2024

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