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State President

The California Association of Student Councils instills a sense of self confidence and competence in leaders across the state. Over the past two years of my involvement with CASC, I have witnessed what I like to call the “CASC effect” on students, families, educators, advisors and entire schools. It’s the feeling of gushing to your parents and friends after a conference, the story of shaking the Governor's hand, receiving Tom Torlakson’s business card or the senator that has agreed to take on your bill. CASC reminds students, as it constantly reminds me, that our voices carry immense amounts of power and that when we harness that power, we can finally manifest the change we strive to see.


Aside from teaching leadership skills, CASC provides the unique experience to utilize those skills in addressing the issues that you see prevalent in our education system. Whatever your ideas for change may be, the in-year conferences -- SABE, SABLE and YASC -- are a perfect platform for you to pursue those goals. Before attending these conferences I was skeptical that my ideas could be heard at the state level; I’m happy to say that that notion was completely disproven. At certain hours these conferences feel straight out of a Sherlock Holmes episode - detectives trying to reach the root problem of an issue, whether that be inclusive history curriculum, sustainability in California schools, or the mental health crisis. At other, more glorious moments, I’ve felt like Simba from the opening scene of the Lion King - all eyes turned to the youngest while recognizing that hope for the future rests on those small but sturdy shoulders.


CASC has prepared me to take on life’s challenges, as it has for thousands of students over the past seventy years. CASC develops a well-rounded leader, one that leads with strong morals, a clear vision and the biggest heart. Alongside the lovely State Vice President, Fiona Huang, and this year’s state council, it is my goal to let as many students as possible experience the CASC effect.


I am overjoyed to serve as this year’s State President and look forward to what we will accomplish this next year. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or song recommendations please email me at

 - Avery Reed, CASC State President 2019-2020

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