The State President's Message

Dear Friends of CASC,


The California Association of Student Councils (CASC) is more than an organization. To alumni, it’s a collection of fond memories. To administrators and educators, it’s a dynamic tool for schools and districts to get civically involved. To youth, it’s a way to influence legislation and policy, to learn leadership skills, and to bond with other passionate individuals. As CASC approaches its 75th anniversary, I am honored to continue our work in serving California’s 6.3 million students with more ardor and fortitude than ever before.


In this coming year, our dedicated State Council and Region Cabinets as well as my Vice President, Jamie Kim-Worthington, and I will prioritize three fundamental pillars of development for our organization: accessibility, accountability, and modernization.


I understand that accessibility in various forms is critical for an organization that represents everyone in California’s school system. Through empathy-centered leadership training and continual improvements to our sites, forms of communication, and curriculum, we strive to make CASC accessible to all students and stakeholders.


Moreover, this past year has shown us all serious issues that need to be addressed in society both at the educational level, and as youth, we hold the power to change the future. By practicing accountability both for our internal procedures and external partnerships while celebrating our combined efforts and positive outcomes, we hope to build a strong foundation of integrity and virtue in all of our students.


And of course, CASC would not be here today without the modernization the 21st century brings. Whether it be digital or in-person, this next year will be filled with various new forms of media, activities, outreach, bonding, and exciting new ventures for our conferences and student leadership.


I am thrilled to see where this year takes us. Thank you for supporting us throughout the first half of this year and we hope to make you proud all the way until next June and beyond.


Warmest Regards,

Mina Lee, she/her

State President


 - Mina Lee, CASC State President 2021-2022