Executive Branch


Avery Reed

State President

Credo High School 2020

  • CASC

Avery Reed is the current State President and a rising senior at Credo High School. Click on the icon above to read her personal message.


Fiona Huang

Vice President

Troy High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi! I am incredibly humbled to be your Vice President this upcoming term. I started with CASC sophomore year and it has been a fantastic program to take part of. The leadership curriculum and impact I know I can help create always pushes me forward to help the 6.3 million students in California, and I plan to continue this streak onwards. If you have any questions regarding CASC or are confused with anything, feel free to email me!


Ayla Cimen


Credo High School 2020

  • CASC

Hey friends! My name is Ayla Cimen  and I’m your Secretary/Treasurer this year, which means that I handle logistics. For everything and everyone :). I spend most of my free time with friends and family, doing everything from movie marathons to swimming in the freezing northern Pacific. My time with CASC has given me some of my closest friends - I could not be more grateful. I look forward to meeting you at a conference this year. Come say hi!


Jason Chen

Governmental Affairs Policy Director

Lowell High School 2021

  • CASC

Hi, I am the current GAP Director. I have the privilege of working with our local and state government to affect change that protects and prioritizes youth. It is my role to take the legislative proposals that are crafted in SABE and SABLE and ensure that those bills reach the governor’s desk and signed into law. Outside of CASC, you can find me rowing crew or leading a local Bay Area Student Activists Chapter. I can’t wait to work with students all across California and hear your innovative ideas!

DSC_1573 (1).JPG

Isaiah Colmenero

Education Policy Director

High Tech High School 2020

  • CASC

Hey everyone! I am the 2019 Education Policy Director. Previous to my current position I was a Student Board Member Semi-finalist and the Region 12 Development Committee Director. I first fell in love with CASC and what the organization does after my first SABE conference in 2018. It was then that I witnessed the importance of student empowerment. I am a strong believer that the experiences we have in education grow to be the most valuable, the most relevant, and the most impactful. Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, I’m always an email away.


Zafirah Khan

YASC Director

Northwood High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi all! I’m so excited to serve as your YASC Director this year. I fell in love with CASC because it is a unique organization that empowers students as it has given me lifelong friendships and the confidence to stand up for what I believe in. This is my second year on State Council and I want to continue to expand the reach of CASC on all levels by giving all students the opportunity to explore various pressing social issues and ultimately develop an implementable service project. If you are passionate about social issues and want to speak out, join me at YASC!

IMG_8506.CR2 (1).jpg

Serena Perl

Outreach Director

Palisades Charter High School 2020

  • CASC

I am so honored and excited to be working as the CASC Outreach Director this year! I am committed to inspiring change within the education system and creating student legislation. CASC is a unique and empowering organization that I am so grateful to have been working with the past three years. Aside from CASC related things, I enjoy going to the beach, painting and being on a competitive crew team. I can’t wait to see what this state council will accomplish and I look forward to seeing you all at the conferences this year!

DSC_1600 (2).JPG

Hyun Kim

Special Projects Director

South Pasadena High School 2020

  • CASC

Hello! I am the Special Projects Director. While traveling all over the state to host leadership conferences and workshops, I have the privilege of serving the California Association of Student Councils and its partnership organizations from all over California. Outside of CASC, I enjoy adventuring outdoors with my friends, playing water polo, and partaking in yoga classes. Being involved in CASC since 2016, I look forward to serving CASC on the Executive Branch of State Council in my junior year.


Anuka Mohanpuhr

Communications Director

Berkeley High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi! My name is Anuka Mohanpuhr and I am serving as the Communications Director for CASC this year, which means I’m responsible for our social media presence and all other communications, including the CASC newspaper, the Harbinger. I am so inspired and amazed by all the students who are part of CASC, and can’t wait to work with you all in the coming year. Outside of CASC you can find me editing my school’s newspaper or working to raise awareness about refugees

through art.


Kelsey Perlman

Elementary/Middle School Director

Credo High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi! I am your Elementary/Middle School Director this year. My job is to plan and direct elementary and middle school conferences across the state, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I started with CASC in my junior year and it has been amazing to work with students who are dedicated to empowering other students and fostering change throughout the state. Outside of CASC, you can find me traveling, babysitting, playing piano, and binging netflix. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!


Anish Jampana

Development Director

Northwood High School 2020

  • CASC

Greetings! I am so honored to be the Development Director and be part of an organization that is committed to empowering student voice throughout California. Ever since I joined CASC my sophomore year as an Outreach member on Region Cabinet, CASC has blessed me with unforgettable memories and gave me the opportunity to meet incredible and inspiring people. As Development Director, I will oversee fundraising for CASC conferences in order to make them more affordable and enjoyable for all students in California. I hope you’ll join me next year and see what the year has to offer!

IMG_6601 (1).JPG

Avika Patel

Technology Director

Woodbridge High School 2020

  • CASC

Hi all! I am thrilled to be your Technology Director for this year. I have been a part of CASC for three years and can say the program has been a great catalyst for change in my life. I love being able to meet incredibly passionate and dedicated students around the state and learning more about what they wish to see in our education system. I hope as Technology Director I am able to reach more students around California and provide the resources to contribute to a wonderful organization. I can't wait to see what this year brings and meet all of you along the way!

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