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Elementary & Middle School Leadership Conferences

Elementary and Middle

School Leadership


If you are interested in an elementary or middle school leadership conference please reach out to our Elementary/Middle School Director Chloe Wang,

One day workshops for students and advisors focus on teamwork, building leadership skills, and new ideas for a more effective student council.



For Students

One day workshops include small group sessions, workshops, and general sessions. Working with trained high school and college students, participants at all levels:

  • increase their confidence in making oral presentations

  • learn how to facilitate and record interactive meetings

  • develop skills in working with others

  • get ideas for new activities and projects

  • practice using tools to resolve conflict

  • meet students from other schools

  • have fun!


For Advisors
Advisors meet with each other during all small group sessions. They leave the workshop with:

  • information on best practices at other schools

  • a network of advisors

  • skills in coaching students in facilitating and recording interactive meetings

  • the ability to help students develop agendas

  • skills in applying the situational leadership model in their daily work


Wondering about budget cuts? Take a look at our guide to getting funding or a draft sponsorship letter. You can also contact the office for additional scholarship information.

CASC has scholarships for students with free and reduced lunch. Click here to access the Scholarship Application.



Please contact the following

Elementary/Middle School Director:

CASC Office: (510) 834-2272 or

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