Best Practices (Elem)

School Activities


Donut Days

Many students are willing to buy pastries at break and in the morning, especially for a good cause. The ASB can buy just 3-5 boxes of donuts and sell them at school to raise money for the less fortunate. If the district does not allow students to sell donuts, than teachers can also be involved and sugar-free bakes goods can also be used. – Gilbert Elementary School

Solar Panel Day

As a part of the ever-growing green movement, your school can also get involved in becoming more energy efficient! Teachers can ask students to make a small classroom donation and have bake sales to raise money to buy solar panels for the school. Then, once enough money is gathered, one day at the school can be spent installing the solar panels with students. The students can also decorate the solar panels with markers and posters. – Soulsbyville Elementary School

Shoe Decorating

Contact a large shoe company to see if they are willing to donate some shoes to your cause. Factories can have hundreds of unused shoes lying around so they may be willing to comply to your request. Once you have obtained shoes, have members of your organization decorate them in creative and artistic ways. Then auction them off to your friends and community. – Emery Elementary School

Early Dropout Prevention (Mentorship Program)

To proactively reduce the nation’s dropout rate, it is possible to begin with students who are struggling at the elementary level. In order to do so, schools must first identify students who are identified as potential dropouts through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) which is implemented throughout the state. Then, schools can partner teachers or older students with these at-risk individuals in a close mentorship program to foster a greater educational importance with each student. Ultimately, a program like this can benefit students in the long run by fostering an attachment to school at an early age. – Westminister Elementary School

Best Buddy Week

During an established Disability Week, the school requires their students to infuse instruction and activities related to disability history into the school curriculum. During Disability Week, students have the opportunity to learn how people with disabilities were instrumental in changing history, and how they are still normal human beings. During the physical education classes, students can participate in wheelchair basketball and sports on crutches. Students learn the challenges and can literally experience the disabled individual’s perspectives. Overall, the students gain a new insight and respect for disabled people. – Sequoia Elementary School

Mix-it-up Day

Student leaders visit each classroom to encourage students to sit with different kids at lunch. Stickers are distributed i.e. hearts, stars so that students with the same symbol will sit together.

Spirit Days

  • Dress for Success Day: dress up for the career you want to have. It’s a great way to raise career awareness at a young age.
  • Imagination Day: have the students dress as their favorite book character! It’s a great way to promote reading.

Door Decorating

  • Classroom doors are decorated with poems and letters for Valentines Day (Taft School)
  • A rubric is created for judging doors and the student council serves as judges.

Earth Day Lunch Activities

  • An art Show with recycled material is held
  • An information booth is set-up
  • Bottle Caps are collected and taken to a recycle center

Community Service



Student Council shops and wraps gifts for a family at Christmas.

Blankets of Love for Animal Shelter

Student Council collected blankets and donated them to the local animal shelter. – El Oro School

Global Projects

  • Each year the student council focuses on a project for a different part of the world.
  • This year they are helping orphans in Indonesia.

Human Race

An organization is chosen to benefit from a 5K walk. – Spring Hill School

Toy Drive

Student Council collected new toys and donated them to the local children’s hospital.

Band-aid Ville

Student Council collects colorful bad-aid for less fortunate children in need of medical treatment. – Tesoro del Valle