Middle School Best Practices - CASC

Cocoa Cram

Are you and your friends cramming some last minute details for upcoming finals?  A great way to study well together is to hold Cocoa Cram, a time where a week before finals, students come together to study and drink hot cocoa sold by the high school during breakfast hours before school, lunch, or after school.

– Walker Junior High School


Recycle Cellphones

Many students have old and unused cell phones lying around their homes. Often, cell phone retailers will re-buy these phones at a decent price. Organize a drive to collect these phones to earn money for your organization.

-Parks Junior High School



Quadfest is an event during lunch at school in which students can perform and showcase their musical talent. Usually students form bands within the student body and perform covers of songs or original songs in the school quad or designated classroom. This event can be organized by a music club or just by students who want to be more involved with music and entertainment in their school. This event is a great addition to lunch after mid-day rallies, and it helps students to express their talent and raise the morale of the students.



Birthday Grams
Birthday Grams are a great way to brighten someone’s birthday at school. These grams can be complimentary just to raise school spirit or appreciation, or they can be sold and purchased as an ongoing school fundraiser. The birthday grams may include a balloon, candy, a birthday hat, baked goods, etc, and they may also be delivered during class. There is not much preparation needed for this, but the school will have to purchase balloons and a helium tank for the balloons and the rest of the items included in the birthday grams.

Pasta Socials
Pasta socials are evening events scheduled around dinner time in which parents can interact with the student body and staff of their child’s school. The food is served by teachers, and having the band and choir perform is a good opportunity to showcase the school’s talents. Additionally student art work can also be put on display. Ticket prices will vary depending on the cost of food and such.
-Carnegie Middle School

Uncarved Pumpkin Contest
In this activity, students in their homeroom classes decorate a pumpkin in the spirit of autumn and Halloween. As it is an “uncarved” pumpkin, no knives will be needed as students will be using various arts and crafts to decorate their pumpkins. Such pumpkins will be supplied by student government.
Each homeroom will select a committee of students to design and style their pumpkin. They must follow the following rules: 1. Bring things to decorate that you do not want returned to you as the pumpkins will be given away after the contest, 2. No carving the pumpkin at all, 3. You may use glue, pins, nails, etc., 4. Be original!
After the pumpkins are judged, they can be used as decorations for the Halloween dance, or can be donated to the local convalescent hospital retirement home or children’s hospital by the members of student government.
-Kenilworth Jr. High

Sample Fundraising Activities

Horror Movie Festival
A school wide event, Horror Movie Festival is an event in which all students of the school congregate in the school cafeteria or a location of your choice to watch horror films. This can also act as a fundraiser, charging so much to see the movie and then costs for concessions. To make this event a success, show double or triple features with one guaranteed shocker. Avoid classic movies as they have been shown before and blockbusters as they are more expensive to rent. Obtain projectors from the school and use the auditorium screen or something very large so that a big audience can watch the movie. Advertisement is very important, and usually word of mouth is very effective as well as putting up posters and having students dress as movie villains the week leading up to the event.

Ice Cream Social
A fundraising event, ice cream socials are great ways for students to congregate and meet new people while allowing for the school to fundraise. The key to this event is to sell tickets in advance so that the appropriate amount of ice cream, toppings, and utensils can be bought. Be sure to check out how much your supplies cost so that your profit is maximized.

Kiss – o – Grams
The perfect activity for a little money and a lot of fun, Kiss – o – Grams is a great fundraiser to hold during the month of February. Sell cute candy cards that can be exchanged on Valentine’s Day, with personal messages written by students and sent to the specified recipient. With this message, accompanies a bundle of Hershey’s kisses tied with festive ribbons.

Benefit Basketball Games
Hold a basketball game to raise money for a local cause. The opposing teams can be popular pairings such as students vs. teachers, or student counterculture vs. local police, or coaches vs. athletes. Having students dress as cheerleaders is also a fun way to draw the crowd and make the event enjoyable and spirited. Admission will be charged, and all the profit will go to the cause of your choice.

Sample Dance Ideas

Polka Hop Dance
Find a good local polka band to come and play at this dance, inviting students and parents and run as a regular dance. Price of tickets may increase due to the cost of hiring the polka band, but the profit should be high as parents are invited as well.