Youth Action Summit of California

February 3-5, 2017
Radisson Ontario Airport


Learn about the issues that our world is facing and take this knowledge one step further by learning about how YOU can confront these issues NOW.

Create an implementable project for your own community to tackle issues in Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Intolerance, and Poverty.

Meet keynote speakers who will share their experiences in starting their own projects and non-profits and provide you with the skills you need to begin your own.

Have a chance to pitch your own community project to a group of investors, and get funding to help jump-start your vision!

Participate in the elections for the incoming CASC State President and Vice President, the youth leaders that represent 6.3 million students of California

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What is YASC?

The Youth Action Summit of California, YASC, is an annual 3-day conference held in California to provide students the opportunity to leave a positive impact on the world. YASC delegates partake in discussions, workshops, and experiential activities in a worldly perspective with peers from different communities, states, and countries. Speakers from various fields educate delegates about pressing social issues in areas such as education, environment, health, human rights, intolerance, and poverty.

This is your time to be immersed in different cultures and experience the world on its truly global level, but the best part is that your experience doesn’t end when YASC does. YASC is equipping you with lifelong skills, friends, connections, and seeds of inspiration that will never dissipate or fade. YASC is your opportunity to start changing the future.


YASC gives students an opportunity to represent their school and community on an international level. This is their time to bolster and develop leadership skills, explore social issues and create implementable solutions, partake in thought-provoking discussions, and leave legacies as champions for social justice. All delegates leave YASC with a comprehensive skill set and a detailed action plan to implement their project for their desired social change.

YASC delegates also have the opportunity to represent the 6.3 million students of California in the election of the next State President and Vice President. Students have a voice at YASC to elect their peer leaders.

What is accomplished at YASC?

All delegates leave YASC with a comprehensive skill set and a detailed action plan to implement projects for their desired social change. In the past, these projects have resulted in the establishment of nonprofits, the creation of state laws, and recognition from the United Nations. This is their time to gain lifelong skills, be inspired, and ultimately, make their mark on the world.

When and where will YASC take place?

The 2017 Youth Action Summit of California will take place from Friday evening, February 3rd until Sunday afternoon, February 5th at the Radisson Hotel Ontario.

How to attend YASC

All middle and high school students are eligible to attend YASC. Interested middle school and high school students are required to go through an application process. Because of YASC’s international importance, students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to secure a spot at the conference. Click HERE to send in an application as soon as possible.

“It was at YASC that I felt, for the first time, that I mattered, and that a high school student like me can actually make an impact on a global level.

-Ellen Wang, Troy High School Class of 2016


If you have any questions, you may contact the CASC office at (510) 834-2272. You can also email the YASC Conference Director Kelly Tam (kelly.tam@casc.net) or Assistant Director Bridget Lee (bridget.lee@casc.net).

YASC Director
Kelly Tam
San Gabriel High School 2017