2017 Region Conferences

Region 4 Conference: Santa Clara County Office of Education (San Jose): 30 October 2017: Monday

Region 5 Conference: San Joaquin County Office of Education (San Jose): 23 October 2017: Monday

Region 9 Conference: Huntington Middle School (San Marino): 27 October 2017: Friday 


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2017 ASB Teambuilding Workshops

Wondering about budget cuts? Check out our guide to find out how to attend for free!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming 2017 Teambuilding Workshops! Below are a few highlights of what will be covered during these fun one-day events:

  • Special Advisor Track: workshop sessions and networking
  • Swap shop and exchanging of activity ideas
  • How to bring about change to your school and community
  • Key leadership skills: meeting skills, presentation skills, project planning skills
  • How to create an effective ASB
  • How to effectively lead a team
  • How to run and get elected for office
  • How to effectively structure your ASB

Interested in serving as the region president or on region cabinet (students) or as an advisor (educators) in your area? Check out the page corresponding to your region to find out who to contact!