Advisor Programs

Programs Specifically for Advisors

ASB Advisors Workshop
This program is tailored towards ASB Advisors to hone their skills of coaching, planning, and guiding their classes throughout the year.

Leadership Class Curriculum Workshop (LCCW)
This two day program will prepare teachers to design entire leadership course outlines and/or units of study. Participants will also become familiar with various methods of instruction and resources available to them. Areas such as interactive meeting skills and situational leadership will be explored in some detail.

Program with Advisor Tracks

Summer Leadership Conferences
“CASC Camp” is a fun, life-changing experience for all students who want to lead in their schools, communities, and beyond. Advisors, activities directors, and staff participate too with the special track tailored for educators.

Youth Action Summit of California (YASC)
Held in March, the Youth Action Summit of California (YASC) is a state-wide conference for youth to discuss global issues and create local-level action plans to work towards solving those problems. It is also at this conference that the president and vice president of CASC are elected.

Region Conferences
Region Conferences are one day trainings put on by the cabinet of a particular region. A standard set of curriculum is taught in regions throughout the state. This is also a great opportunity for schools to network with others in their area.

Elementary and Middle School Programs
Much like the Region Conferences, these programs are one day trainings held to service the schools in the immediate region. Curriculum and experiential learning are tailored towards elementary and middle school students, but they learn many of the same skills as the older students.

Custom Programs (Special Projects)
CASC devotes a portion of its time to designing and coordinating “special projects” targeted at entire student bodies, faculty and staff, parents, and community organizations. The results speak for themselves in the pilot projects we have undertaken.

Staff Development Program (SDP)
This annual program trains delegates to become skilled counselors and coaches.It is a great opportunity to learn leadership, facilitative and presentation skills that are applicable throughout all of life.