Middle School

The Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Shakespeare Animal Fund (SAF) is a non-profit organization that aims to help those who cannot afford to pay for emergency procedures on their pets. By fundraising in local chapters, SAF helps the elderly, disabled, and individuals below the poverty line to directly pay for emergency veterinarian costs. Operated entirely by volunteers, SAF provides students […]

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Country Meats Beef Jerky Sale

Students of the leadership class are each give 50 beef jerkey sticks of assorted flavors to sell for a dollar each after purchasing ahead of time in bulk. They are given bags to carry these around and sell throughout the month. This fundraiser sells out yearly and makes about a 45% profit depending on amount […]

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Polka Hop Dance

Find a good local polka band to come and play at this dance, inviting students and parents and run as a regular dance. Price of tickets may increase due to the cost of hiring the polka band, but the profit should be high as parents are invited as well.

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Benefit Basketball Games

Hold a basketball game to raise money for a local cause. The opposing teams can be popular pairings such as students vs. teachers, or student counterculture vs. local police, or coaches vs. athletes. Having students dress as cheerleaders is also a fun way to draw the crowd and make the event enjoyable and spirited. Admission […]

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The perfect activity for a little money and a lot of fun, Kiss – o – Grams is a great fundraiser to hold during the month of February. Sell cute candy cards that can be exchanged on Valentine’s Day, with personal messages written by students and sent to the specified recipient. With this message, accompanies […]

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