People Who Will Be Attending:

(Carey) Yung, Jill

Beltran, Bianca

Benson, Harriet

Brantley, Emily

Bushnell, Robie

Campbell, Cardin

Crane, Nancy

Dony, Jeff

Dykema, Sue

Frino, Kristen

Gutierrez Miller, Katie

Hartley, Kristen

Hebert, Janet

Hebert, Paul

Hoffman, Jennifer

Hwang, Karina

Jacobson, MIcah

Koring, Carl

Koring, Nancy

Lee, Janie

Mills, Julie

Nouriani, Olivia

Pappas, Anthony

Pappas, Maria

Parker, Amanda

Patel, Nandeeni

Raffaelli, Ryan

Randazzo, Liana

Renfrew, Ryan

Roshandel, Mani

Roshandel, Maya

Roy, Kevin

Rubin, Bobbie

Rubin, Ann

Rubin, Gerry

Skiles, Margaret

Smith, Marcia

Vaidhyanathan, Sindhuja

Wang, Lili

Wang, Yannan

Wilson, Selena

Winter, Mia

Winter, Scott

Winter, Sophia

Wondolowski, Diane

Wondolowski, Mike

Yallapragada, Shyama

Yung, Derek







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“I’m training a team of 13 to take over a crucial role in the company as we transition 20% of our employees in Sunnyvale over to Manila Philippines. Had a great first day and broke through a ton of boundaries with CASC activities. Personal shield was really remarkable and allowed us an opportunity to assess their speaking skills since they are going to be a partial call center. I’ll be teaching their management staff on coaching and feedback so I implemented feedback cards as well. Super amazing experience so far and it’s only Day 1!”
– CASC Alumni Jennifer A. Phan

“I am a CASC Alumni from Region 4 – GO FORKS! (Jr High/High School Director of 1997 and 1998) As my daughter Avery is now in Jr High, I am constantly reminded of the importance of young leadership and skill building. Having the ability to fall back on the experiences I had both in teaching the curriculum of CASC as well as learning from so many amazing leaders before myself at a young age has proven to be extremely valuable in life and career; giving me the foundation to lead today. To this day I use some of the skills I developed with CASC when assisting my own children, not to mention my employees, colleagues, and boards as well.”
– CASC Alumni Marcus A. Norton, President of Liberty Finance Partners